South African fashion designer

Thembeka Yadah says: “Africa is a beautiful continent; we have a vast beautiful landscape containing various plants, and our soil has the richness of various earth minerals. Therefore, Africa is needed in world economies. The African soil is fertile, thus making rich, I want all people everywhere to know these facts about Africa, and I want to use my fashion brand to illustrate the vast beauty of the African people and continent.”

“My fashion collections are inspired by African cultures and different music… Most of my collections are Afro-centric; this is a fusion of both African and western design inspirations, this way my designs can familiarise African designs with the western fashion world, which is currently trending in the local fashion scene.  My vision is to see people from other continents and cultures wearing African inspired clothing and accessories.”

This programme follows Yadah as she travels to London for the African Fashion Week; where she is showcasing her latest collection.

Looking to the future, Thembeka Yadah says: “I want to leave a legacy of hope in the lives of our young African designers. I want to make sure that they understand that fashion is a business. I understand that most young people firstly pursue fashion as a hobby… But the truth is, fashion is purely business.”

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